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Aislinn Duguid is a trans nonbinary artist located in Kjipuktuk (Halifax, Nova Scotia). Their work focuses on the intersection of identity and mental illness; While exploring themes of intimacy, relationships, memory, and connection. Aislinn investigates the interplay between perception and reality, in the context of their lived experience. They use performance as a tool to confront the viewer with notions of voyeurism. They often perform for the camera while working through difficult topics and themes, as a way of creating a safe space to perform and engage with vulnerability.




Insaneclownpussy was born in the summer of 2020 after receiving the diagnosis of a personality disorder. In order to cope with and navigate these new labels, Aislinn created a persona to help make the intangible tangible. They use this character to perform an identity that for so long they did not have words to describe. Personifying mental illness and giving it autonomy has been incredibly important to their wellness. These images are proof of Insaneclownpussy’s existence. 


Insaneclownpussy draws inspiration from Pierrot Clowns, who are known for being insecure and naive having ‘childlike retaliation.’ Given that Borderline Personality Disorder is directly linked to childhood trauma, it's fitting that this character is emotionally immature and reactive. Insaneclownpussy is a slutty trans stripper clown who performs all of the ‘undesirable and unacceptable’ traits of BPD. The use of white face with black facial features is a nod to the black and white thinking associated with Borderline Personality Disorder.

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